These are an essential part of any successful communication support system. This involves the background research needed to prepare the script for newspaper and radio as well as television broadcasts. Peter J. Fraenkel is one of a small group of media experts with experience in Third World media activities, who has also held senior positions with the BBC World Service. This gives him a fairly unique insight into the planning and design of media messages. He worked between 1952-7 as Assistant Broadcasting Officer with the Central African Broadcasting Services, which was the first such venture in the whole of Africa. In that capacity he started a "Serialised True to Life Programme" which succeeded in creating an imaginary yet truly realistic mining compound society in what was then Northern Rhodesia. By involving local amateur actors and getting them to incorporate developmental messages in the broadcasts he managed to encourage some socially desirable changes. This novel broadcasting venture in the African context has been described by him in Wayaleshi (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1958).

From Africa he moved to London where he joined the BBC World Service, first as scriptwriter for African Affairs programmes and subsequently as Head of East European Services responsible for transmission in Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbo-Croat & Slovene languages. Before moving on from the BBC he acted as Controller of European Services, responsible for staff and output in 15 European languages (excluding English) and output in Portuguese and French for Africa. Peter Fraenkel has used his media expertise in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He researched and wrote a report for the Government of Zambia on AIDS; he researched, scripted and narrated a Channel 4 TV film "AIDS, the African Perspective" which involved extensive research in sub-Saharan Africa.

Having established a reputation relating to films focusing on the problem of HIV/AIDS he conducted the research for a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation film on AIDS in Uganda. The World Health Organisation recruited him to act as consultant for their AIDS prevention campaigns and to lecture to Middle East media workers on AIDS problems in Uganda.

He has also written a number of radio plays for the BBC and Bavarian radio. Peter Fraenkelís fairly unique media experience, and in particular his familiarity with different African cultures constitutes an important component in the communication support system that PEGS offers.

Documentary Films:
T. Scarlett Epstein also has years of experience with films that attempt to publicise certain developmental issues. She has been responsible for the making of widely acclaimed films such as for instance:
Maragoli (Population Growth and Rural Poverty), Humph, the Desert Dairy (The importance of Camel Milk) Village Voices (Forty Years of Rural Transformation in South India).

Media to promote projects:
Dr. Geoff Griffith has produced several films to further communication in projects that he has managed. In particular, in Maldives and Sri Lanka films involving participating communities themselves have done much to ensure greater communication of clear messages between different groups.

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